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Partially metric association schemes with a multiplicity three

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Association scheme

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Forgot password? Old Password. The theory of Coxeter schemes equivalent to the theory of buildings emerges naturally and yields a purely algebraic proof of Tits' main theorem on buildings of spherical type. Other books in this series. Set Theory Thomas J. Add to basket. Random Dynamical Systems Ludwig Arnold. Methods of Homological Algebra Sergei I.

Trees Jean-Pierre Serre. The Higher Infinite Akihiro Kanamori. Galois Cohomology Jean-Pierre Serre.

[] Commutative association schemes

Combinatorial Set Theory Lorenz J. Superconcentration and Related Topics Sourav Chatterjee.

Random Fields and Geometry R. Index Analysis R. Moufang Polygons Jacques Tits. Table of contents Basic Facts. Review Text From the reviews: "Theory of association schemes is a self-contained textbook. Algebraic Combinatorics, 2 , MR 94f Zbl Bannai , Invariant rings of finite groups and automorphic forms a survey in Japanese , Algebra Symposium Proceedings at Yamagata University, July , , 42 , Bannai and E. Bannai , Modular invariance of the character table of the Hamming association scheme H d, q , J.

Number Theory, 57 , MR 95a Zbl Bannai , Generalized spin models and association schemes , Memoire of Fac.

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Bannai , S. Dougherty , M. Harada and M. Theory to appear. Harada , A. Munemasa and M. Bannai and T. MR 87m Zbl Bannai and M. Ozeki , Construction of Jacobi forms from certain combinatorial polynomials , Proc. Japan Acad. A , 72 , Munemasa , Duality maps of finite abelian groups and their applications to spin models , J.

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Algebraic Combinatorics, 8 , MR 99j Zbl Bonnecaze , P. Bachoc and B. Theory, 43 , MR 98e Zbl Ecole Norm.